Leprechaun is a so-bad-it's-good horror classic. The narrative, acting, and special effects are ridiculous. All of it creates a pleasant and engaging picture. Jennifer Aniston is quite terrific in her cinematic debut as the leprechaun. Leprechaun is a fun campy horror film. This movie will make you laugh, not scream.The way Warwick Davis played a v… Read More

I have never watched any anime, and I do not plan on watching them again. It just doesn't look like something I would enjoy. Plus, all those Movie reviews by Decker Shado characters with big eyes kind of scare me.Check out more sites like mineFans of retro filmSilver Ferox DesignRed Carpet EventsCinema Classics from the 80sHouse of Horrors: Undead … Read More

Leprechaun in The Hood, possibly the roughest film in the genre, suffers from a meager budget, a problematic plot that uses a number of offensive stereotypes, and a very bad caricature in the portrayal of a few characters (most notably Fontaine). It still manages to display a remarkable amount of heart despite this, however.Postmaster P (Anthony Mo… Read More